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Amazing New Ultra-Slim Iceless Cooler Makes It Easy To Take Cold Drinks Anywhere You Go Without Anyone Even Knowing Its a Cooler.

The first time you see a Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler you will be surprised to find out that its really a 10 can / 6 bottle cooler. 

Finally, there is a simple solution that makes it fast and easy to pack everyones favorite drinks and carry them around with you. Best of all is that its compact so no one knows you have a cooler filled with everyones favorite ice cold drinks.
About Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler
Introducing the world's first ultra-slim, iceless cooler. Invented by a frustrated engineer who was fed up with not having an easy way to share his favorite micro-brews with friends on the weekend. After hundreds of hours of research and testing the first Bevpod prototype was finished.

The Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler was an instant success on Kickstarter and now you can order the only ultra-slim cooler direct from Bevpod. Join the thousands of new customers that enjoy their new Bevpods every month.
What is the Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler
The Bevpod is lightweight, compact, durable and easy-to-carry. You won't hurt your shoulder carrying around a bulky, leaky ice chest so you can enjoy cold drinks. Bevpod eliminates all of the expected hassles and makes it easy to pack, carry, and keep 10 cans / 6 bottles cold for a full day of fun.

Plus, you will never have to buy ice again thanks to the unqiue patented reusable ice sheets. The custom ridges hold your drinks securely and keep them frosted for hours. 

You will save time and money every time you use your Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler.
Bevpod vs. Igloo Cooler: Bevpod is 1/2 the weight and significantly smaller. Upgrade to the modern cooler and enjoy how easy it is to use.
World's first ultra-slim cooler

Lightweight & Easy-to-Carry

Fits in a backpack or tote

Compact & durable case protects your drinks

Made from premium, durable material that won't break

Chills 10 cans / 6 bottles for over a full day of fun
"This New Stealth Cooler" is easy to hide or slip into your bag!"
"Very Happy With My Bevpod!" We use every weekend on our long, relaxing drives."
"I LOVE My Bevpod! It's lightweight, easy-to-carry, and keeps my drinks cold for half the day on a hot day!"
Everything You Need To Have A Great Time
Never have to go the store to buy ice

Fast and easy to pack with drinks

Compact and easy to carry without hurting your shoulder

Doesn't look like a cooler

Includes everything you need to start having a great time

Start saving money by taking your own drinks
Who Uses The Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler?
The Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler is perfect for anyone who enjoys relaxing and having a great time with friends and family. Bevpod is the only cooler that makes it easy to take 10 cans / 6 bottles anywhere you go without anyone even knowing you a cooler filled with ice cold drinks.

It's the only hands-free cooler that comes with it's own comfortable shoulder strap that you just put on shoulder and go. Leaving your hands free to carry other things.

Imagine how you will use your Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler? Relaxing with friends and family after reaching a new goal, taking the kids refreshments for their soccer game, celebrate on the golf course when you hit a great shot, or will you use the Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler to pack drinks and snacks to save money and eat healthily.
Get your Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler today before they sell out again!
Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler is the perfect solution to take drinks anywhere you go!
Never Buy Ice Again!
100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee
Still not convinced that there is finally an easy way to take ice cold drinks anywhere you go?
Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler offers an amazing, no questions asked, money back guarantee: if you are not 100% satisfied with your Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler after trying it out for 60 days just send it back for a quick and full refund. 

No questions asked!

The Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler is an amazing solution for anyone that likes to take day trips and enjoy having a great time with friends and family. 

It makes it easy to take ice cold drinks anywhere you go without any of the traditional hassles you expect from carrying around a cooler. It's lightweight, easy-to-carry, doesn't look like a cooler, and never requires you to buy ice.

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How To Get A Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler

Due to overwhelming demand for the Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler the warehouse is struggling to keep up with orders, but you can order your Bevpod Ultra-Slim Cooler direct from the manufactuer and save 50%, plus get free shipping.

Perfect for taking to the golf course, park, or concert

Shoulder straps keeps your hands free so you can grab other things

Reusable ice sheets freeze quickly and keep your drinks frosty cold

Enjoy ice cold drinks on a day trip in the car, afternoon ride on your motorcycle, fishing or at a special event

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